Wednesday, November 21, 2018

December 2018

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We are using Epic! in class to nurture students’ love of reading & learning. Connect with our class for free at
using our class code csp4515 to see what your child is reading & find out how to access Epic! at home.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

November 2018

3rd & 4th Graders explore Digital Citizenship @ the Hilltop Library!  We have been discussing ONLINE SAFETY, RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY. Students completed a Digital Citizenship HYPERDOC in their Google Classroom, and used online sources, technology tools, creativity and  Google Drawing to create a Digital Citizen Superhero and a Digital Citizenship Comic Strip.
Kindergarteners have enjoyed learning the Pause and Think Online Song! Click Digital Citizenship for students and click Cyber-Safety for links and information for parents and caregivers.

Kindergarten Tech Time...This year Mrs. LeMay often travels to the Kindergarten classrooms to offer technology instruction. Students have learned how to handle and care for their Chrome Books, login, navigate to a site and of course, we spend time developing and enriching our math, reading, writing, language, and fine motor skills.

Great Graphing 2nd Graders have been collecting and analyzing data, inputting data into cells and spreadsheets, highlighting columns and rows, and creating digital graphs. Students surveyed their classmates’ on various topics to help them construct their graphs

1st Graders have been busy in the Technology Lab! IThey have explored and learned how to use Microsoft Paint, Sticky Notes, Word,  Powerpoint, and Kidspiration. We have now turned our focus on learning about the Internet, URLs, websites, browsers, and of course the importance of always asking permission before using technology. Students understand the importance of only navigating to sites and sources provided by a trusted adult. On our next journey we will be exploring online information sources starting with an online database called Pebble Go.

Recent Literary Explorations…

  • Love by Matt De La Peña --- Huge shout out to one of our students (left) for going to the Morristown Book Festival and getting our libray copy signed by the author, Matt De La Peña
  • Baby Monkey
  • Hannah and Sugar
  • Creepy Carrots and Creepy Pair of Underwair
  • The Legend of Rock, Paper Scissors
  • Hidden Figures
  • The Library Lion
  • Iqbal and His Ingenious Idea


Monday, May 21, 2018

May 2018


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Hilltop Library Media Center

14th Annual Summer Book Swap

Students in grades 2-4 participated in the Flipgrid Explorer Series: AQUARIUMS!
Throughout this series we were given a personal tour through the Aquarium of Niagara in New York. Students learned about sea life, diet, animal enrichment, volunteering, and more!  We heard from zoologists, sea life educators, and animal trainers. Hilltop learners were thrilled to see that aquarium educator and trainer, Sam, “featured” and answered many of our students’ questions!  Click here to “HEAR” their questions and Sam’s answers. Once students explored videos and a Hypderdoc filled with links and articles, they were encouraged to direct their inquiry by focusing on an area of personal interest, and then share and present to their peers. Students built websites, created slideshows, Scratch games, Google docs, puppet shows, and more. Students truly applied their knowledge and skills, collaborated, and utilized resources to empower themselves to learn and create. Students shared their project based learning on Mrs. LeMay’s password protected Flipgrid page
#LearningIsSOOOMuchFun! #StudentVoice #GuidedInquiry #ActiveEngagement #AquariumsRock! #EducationalTechnology

Author visits the Hilltop Library Media Center.
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Mr. Sean Michael Dolan has 24 years of experience as an English teacher and school administrator, and athletic coach. His first book titled, The Boy With the Sketchbook, highlights friendship, acceptance, kindness, and KICKBALL! He spoke about the writing and publication process, shared real world connections between writing, personal joy, and creativity, and took numerous questions from students.
#libraryauthorconnections #readingrocks #writingrocks

Hilltop Library Media Center Celebrates National Poetry Month!

National Poetry Month @ the Hilltop Library was wonderful! Students listened to poetry, read poetry, wrote poetry, shared poetry, reflected on poetry, explored figurative language, developed writing skills, speaking skills, shared with authentic audiences and simply relished in the joy and beauty of language! Students posted more than 500 “POETRY READ ALOUD” videos to Mrs. LeMay’s 2nd Annual Digital Poetry Party! We were thrilled to have some 8th grade LAL students reply to many of our elementary poetry posts!

Some dates to remember….Remember - Free images on Pixabay

    • **Students with academic, research, or independent reading needs can see Mrs. LeMay for books individually, but large group circulation has ended.
  • PUBLIC LIBRARY FIELD TRIPS … June 6-8 All grades to take walking visits to the Mendham Borough Public Library during their regularly scheduled library class
  • 14th Annual School Wide Summertime Book Swap, June 11-15 - CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

March-April 2018


Hilltop Library Media Center Celebrates National Poetry Month!
Students in grades K-4 have been reading, writing, sharing and celebrating poetry @ the Hilltop Library. In addition to hand written poetry and digitally publishing poetry, we have modified the publication process by  publishing, sharing and collaborating using PADLET. Padlet is a virtual wall that allows learners to share and express themselves on a common topic easily. Check out our growing Padlet by clicking here.  We are exploring figurative language through poetry and music!  Students used figurative language and tagged (identified) it appropriately with #simile, #metaphor, #alliteration, #rhyme, and #onomatopoeia!  A writeable space is available for budding poets to think, create, and share while they are in the library. Lastly, we kicked off our 2nd annual DIGITAL POETRY PARTY on Flipgrid!. Details and instructions were sent via email at the beginning of April.

Hilltop Library
CelebrateD National Women’s History Month
We have been reading and researching amazing women @ the Hilltop Library! Students in 1st-4th grade conducted mini-research using various print and digital sources. In grades K-4 we have been exploring nonfiction, biography, and of course referring to for some wonderful primary sources!!

Our library classes were  filled with Seuss stories, songs and snapshots for Read Across America Day!   

Connecting LITERACY and STEM @ the LIBRARY!

Kindergarteners participated in Story Time From Space,
a program made possible by The Global Space Education Foundation. Students heard astronaut Kate Rubins read Rosie Revere, Engineer while she was in space!  We discussed STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, as well as the power of perseverance and resilience. Check out more stories from space with your children at For additional titles in Andrea Beaty’s wonderful STEM related series, check out these books from the Hilltop Library!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

February 2018

Keyboarding3rd and 4th graders participated in a mini keyboard unit over the past few weeks during their technology class.  Students are now ready to continue their keyboarding  
practice at home, in school, and whenever they are using a keyboard. Keyboarding is a skill that will improve greatly with consistent practice when using the CORRECT TECHNIQUE. If possible, try to keep an eye on your child's keyboard experiences at home.  Encourage your child to type with ALL fingers and ALWAYS use the technique we learned in class. Students began their practice in school using the Almena Method and . Students simply log in to with their GOOGLE account by clicking "student login" and the "login with GOOGLE" button. This will allow them to login with their existing Google account username and password, eliminating the need to create another login and password. Students have been advised to progress through at their own pace, but they should not skip any lessons. Additional practice sites can be found on the keyboarding section of the Hilltop Library Media Center website. Your child has worked very hard to develop the correct technique in the classroom, now it is time for them to continue using the correct keyboarding technique at home and in their daily school/home computer activities. #KeyboardingFun #LifelongSkill

Virtual Valentines Project
During the month of February some 1st graders connect with 1st graders in Peachtree, Georgia! The students of Oak Grove Elementary described the weather, state symbols and explained that most people drive golf carts around their city! Our first graders introduced themselves, shared poetry and various clues about our geographical location. This project was made possible by the Global Virtual Valentines Project
#VirtualValentines #Friendship

American Library Association Announces the Youth Media Awards! On Monday, February 12th Mrs. Cohen’s 2nd grade class was able to view some of the LIVE STREAM  of the ALA awards, specifically the Theodore Seuss Geisel, Caldecott and Newbery Award announcements.   Now it’s time to curate that award winning book order!  Click HERE to view the 2018 awards winners or HERE to view the recorded webcast.

In all classes we discussed various awards and read numerous award winning books.  Students in grades 2-4 learned about the man who started it all….children’s book advocate JOHN NEWBERY!  In addition, students are encouraged to write about and  share the award winning books they have read.

Lastly, many of our 4th graders have been supporting Mrs. LeMay’s new initiative #BookBundles, and recently curated numerous award winning bundles.

#BookBundles #YMA #ReadingROCKS #Caldecott #Newbery #Geisel #CorettaScottKing #Schneider #PuraBelPre #Curate2Learn

Wanted…LEGOS and LEGO BASEPLATES for the Library! If you have loose LEGOS you no longer need, the Hilltop Library will take them! Thank you!